Saturday, June 6, 2015

So much to do, but had to have some fun!

 I have a lot that I need to get done in the next 4 days.  And I was dedicating this weekend to doing everything I could get done!  However, I could not force my kids to just work on chores on such a gorgeous weekend!  So I surprised them and went up to the "Big M" for a hike.  It was very entertaining and heart pumping!  The 3 older ones basically ran up the steps(266 steps!), David tried and got about half way and then just sat down!  Had to walk the rest of the way with Mom!
The view was AHHHHMAZING!!!  God's handiwork was everywhere to be seen!

The "after" picture was just for fun, they were still up running and jumping around after we got back down, but I thought it would be funny!

We were just getting ready to head out, getting all buckled in, when we got a surprise visitor!  Fred showed up and the kids were so excited!!  They jumped back out and we had to have a mini photo session with Cody, oh and Dad!

We did a few other things while we were in town, grocery shopping, cleaning the truck, getting lunch..... Then we came home and I surprised the kids with a water fight while I worked on my to-do list!

One year and they grow so much!

Summer Ball-Just the BOYS (Tball and Little League)

Camryn decided to stick with gymnastics through the summer.  So it is just the boys in ball!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Last Day of School 2015

June 3rd was the last day of the 2014/15 school year.  I am super excited because I love spending time with my kids, but I am sad because this means I know have a 6th, 4th, 2nd and kindergartener!!!  How did that happen!?!? 

The last week of school included:
Class trip to Jumpin' Janes, park, Mine, Trip to the zoo, Trip to the Dell's, 1 Pizza Party, 4 Picnics and lots of stuff brought home!

Here are just a few pictures I got during the madness!