Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snow Day!

I will be honest, we have not had very many snow days and I am terribly disappointed! I have so much fun with the kids playing in the snow. This year was the first year that Baby D could actually go out and play in it. I was so excited to watch him. He loved playing in it; however, was not so sure about the whole sledding thing. He decided it was fine if Mama went went, the only problem with that is Mama has a bit of trouble getting up out of the sled when we are done! I went down twice just for him. We proceeded to build mini snowmen, that Baby D tore down evertime. It was such a fun morning! The snow has since melted away, and the kids are heartbroken. Today is Christmas Eve and so far we are having a green Christmas.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Our family has grown by 1!

After two years of deciding, we finally broke down and got the kids a puppy. After putting our last dog down we vowed we would not get another one. We couldn't go through the heartache of loosing him/her when the time came. Well since J has turned 6 he has kept asking us when we were getting another dog?
It apparently has stuck in my head and I started bugging DH about it! After searching and scouring the Internet for a week, we finally found a great family who had one puppy left! She was 9 weeks old when we got her. We have now made some new friends and have a new member of our family. This beautiful little girl is Roxie! She is a fun loving, sock stealing, kiss giving bundle of joy! We are so happy that we listened to our 7 year old and had a moment of weakness.

We love to help Mommy!

A few weeks ago I was preparing cookies for our very first annual Cookie Swap. Baby D ended up having a very bad morning and was honestly frustrating me. I didn't know what he wanted (I know other mothers know what I am talking about). So I decided to appease him by letting him help Mommy.
We were making Church Windows (I will post the recipe below). This is a very simple recipe and I can do with my eyes shut now. So Baby D decided he just wanted to lick the spatula! He kept standing next me with his tongue out saying "ah, mama, ah"! What a card!
Mama decided to give in, and this is what the result was...

The Big Bad Hunters

This was J's second year going out hunting with DH. He does not use the gun himself yet, but has a lot of fun watching for that "Big One" with Dad. He amazingly gets up early to go out with Dad (which still blows my mind because I can not get him out of bed for school). This year Dad got a doe (unfortunately J was not with him)! He brought it home to show the kids. It caused huge excitement in the house (and is still talked about).