Friday, December 23, 2011

Our family has grown by 1!

After two years of deciding, we finally broke down and got the kids a puppy. After putting our last dog down we vowed we would not get another one. We couldn't go through the heartache of loosing him/her when the time came. Well since J has turned 6 he has kept asking us when we were getting another dog?
It apparently has stuck in my head and I started bugging DH about it! After searching and scouring the Internet for a week, we finally found a great family who had one puppy left! She was 9 weeks old when we got her. We have now made some new friends and have a new member of our family. This beautiful little girl is Roxie! She is a fun loving, sock stealing, kiss giving bundle of joy! We are so happy that we listened to our 7 year old and had a moment of weakness.

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