Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What we have been up to and the end of swim lessons

I was so proud of D!  After two weeks of watching the other kids do their swim lessons he decided he was going to try out the big pool!  Now to those of you who do not know, D has always been terrified of water!  I mean TERRIFIED!!!!  If Dad or I didn't hold him, he would escape screaming from any sort of water.  The bath tub, pools, a water park, the hose!!!!  It was exhausting!  So K and C's swim teacher was actually their babysitter and she convinced him to go in with her.  He walked right in(top right picture) and had a blast.  He didn't want to get out!

We have been playing at the park.  And watching some amazing sunsets!  These pictures do them no justice what-so-ever!   They were the most amazing thing to watch!  God's creations endlessly astound me!

K had a Dr. appointment to check his iron levels, white cell counts and a glucose test.  He was so brave having his blood drawn!  He didn't even cry!  Praise God his iron is in the normal range now!  It has taken us 6 years, but we finally got it there!!!  His glucose test came back in the normal range too!  White cell count was still low, but I can handle this!                                                                                                                                                                                                         Like everyone else we have been waiting for the birth announcement of the royal baby!  I am not ashamed to say I love this stuff!

My flowers are finally starting to bloom!  I love walking outside and seeing all of the amazing colors!

J got to ride along with Dad in the semi truck.  Don't ask me what he is standing by in this picture because I can not remember for the life of me!  But he had a blast to say the least!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fun weekend!

J and K got to spend the night with Aunt A and cousin E(lots of letters!).  Aunt A took them down to the county fair for the tractor pulls and animal barns.  They had a blast as you can see from the pictures!

I got to keep C and D and we had cousin A spend the night!  Seriously one of the most content babies around!  She only "cried" when she was hungry!!!  Loved it!

Dad worked a night shift so we got to have a pizza/movie party.  I don't have any pictures of this, but on Sunday Aunt A had a cook out at their house so we went over there for that.  It was a nice relaxing weekend!

Annual water party

Every year we do a small water party for the kids.  They have a blast and it is something they look forward to(so do I!).  I love planning the party for them.  I didn't get pictures of everything we did, but they included this amazing slip and slide, water guns, water ball throwing contest(winners got a bucket of water dumped on their heads!), grilling out, dance party.... needless to say everyone was ready for quiet time!

These pictures are just some of the highlights of the day!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

That's it, I'm Done!!!!

I know, whoa what is going on, right!!!  Trust me, everything is ok.  After talking with Dad and my sister in law, I have finally put the ball in motion! 

I am done complaining about my weight, I am done body bashing (especially in front of my very impressionable daughter), I am done not being able to keep up with my kids, I am done looking in the mirror and wanting to cringe!

First step is I have accepted my body the way it is, with the knowledge that I have to change it.  For my health and for my well being!  Second step is getting a plan set up!  Third and final step, get my butt up and moving!

I adore that I have people in my life who are there for me to help me out!  Dad, of course, is there every step of the way.  Willing to help me out with anything!  I love him!  Along with my dear sister in law, she is always there to listen and give her suggestions!  They both push me and I love it!

We will see if I am ever brave enough to admit my weight, or what I have lost.  But I am making the first steps and I am excited!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My little quirks!

I am a woman who has certain "quirks" and I am ok with that! ;)  Dad often just rolls his eyes anymore and doesn't even say anything!  It has only taken almost 12 years for me to get him there, now maybe in another 12 years he will join in (DOUBT IT).

Not our garage, but if I get my way, it will be!

*I most likely have some small for of OCD. 
*I am a perfectionist, and if I can not get it done the exact right way, it will wait until I can!
*I LOVE to organize!  Yes Dad came home to a house with completely re-organized cupboards!
*My brain does not shut off when it comes to new ideas of how to make my house "better".
*I love to read blogs!  Some of my favorites are The Sunny Side up, 71 toes, Practically speaking and School in our slippers.
*I go all out planning parties(birthday and Holidays).  And realized this morning that I need to get going on a few!
*I compulsively re-arrange furniture!  Even if I love how it looks and it works well, it will be moved in a few months!
*If I found a item I love, I will make sure there is absolutly no way I can make it myself before I buy it.
*Dad loves to drive me crazy!  When I organize/make better things, he will put them back in their original place!  He is a creature of habit, I am a creature of fixing ;)  Like the soap dispenser!  I could not figure out for a week who kept putting it in the wrong place and leaving it!  Then I caught him and he just laughed!  AH!

This is who I am and I am ok with it ;)  This post is dedicated to my Sister-in-Law, who informed me yesterday that my organizing spurts happen monthly not randomly!  Thanks A!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday phone dump

1. Dad w nephew E and niece A, Love! 2. Silly boys dressing up like smokey and the bandit! 3. Lonely dog 4.strong boy! 5. Bonfire in KY 6.Roxie patiently waiting! 7. Fun ride! 8. J with (nephew) Dawson. 9. Fun 4th nails!

Our Fourth

I adore all ideas of the fourth of July.  First I get super emotional(Dad is probably rolling his eyes as he reads this thinking she is super emotional over everything ;)  July 4th, Independence Day, means a whole lot to me!  First 2 of my brother, my sister in law, my parents(both), my father in law, numerous uncles and friends have all served this amazing country!  I couldn't be more proud to say that!  I have ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War!  The reason this country is free from all other rule!  Amazing!  Ok that is my emotional part, for now.....

We actually did not do a whole lot this year.  We have been so busy that it was nice to just be with our little family!  Since the 4th fell in the middle of the week this year, a lot of the fireworks were done on Wed. night.  Dad and J had went out fishing with some good friends.  I was getting ready to put C, K and D to bed when we started to hear the popping!  So of course, being a big kid my self, I yelled at the kids and we went out on our deck and got to watch the fireworks from there.  All wrapped up in blankets and listening to squeals!  I loved!!!

On the 4th we decided we would spend the day at home.  I loved every bit, except getting a sunburn!  We worked in my garden, planted and re arranged some flowers, mowed the lawn, played with Roxie, cleaned up the outside of the house, grilled out(come on isn't that a rule), we had supper out on our patio and finished the evening with S'mores!  The kids were excited because we let them stay up super late after their baths(D didn't make it very long).  We finished the evening by sitting inside and watching some Ice Road Truckers and Duck Dynasty!  In my opinion a perfect day!

How was your Fourth of July?

My Crazy Child!

C has a funny little habit.  I honestly don't understand, even though I have asked her!  If she takes a toy in the tub with her, she puts it in the fridge when she is done!?  I know, weird-o!! :)

 I totally get it when she has her Barbie, this Barbie if it gets cold changes colors.  I still find it incredibly funny to open the fridge and see Barbie sitting there staring at me!  But I get that one.

But now she has started putting any and every kind of toy in the fridge after her baths!  I am just thankful it is my girl who does this and not the boys.  I think I would be so afraid to open up our fridge if the boys put stuff in there!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Kentucky Trip

We are finally home and getting back to our normal everyday schedules!  It is crazy how long it takes to get back to functioning again!  We got a chance to spend about a week and half down with Dads side of the family in Kentucky.  This is always a huge highlight for all of us!  I think Dad and I get just as excited as the kids!

We definitely wore the kiddos out each and every night!  Campfires with smores' just about every night!  Lots of fishing, C actually caught the biggest fish(which I didn't get a picture of).  This makes me laugh every time, because she is the most girly girl there is!  We went to the pool one day and the kids all swam for 3 hours strait!  I don't know who was more tired that day, the kids for playing so hard, or the adults for having to chase after them!

We had a main purpose for going down this time.  Usually we just go down to visit and spend time with family, who we only get to see once maybe twice a year.  This time we went down to bury Dad's fathers ashes.  This cemetery is where the family all is.  It was such a nice ceremony with LOTS of family and some old classmates and friends.