Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Fourth

I adore all ideas of the fourth of July.  First I get super emotional(Dad is probably rolling his eyes as he reads this thinking she is super emotional over everything ;)  July 4th, Independence Day, means a whole lot to me!  First 2 of my brother, my sister in law, my parents(both), my father in law, numerous uncles and friends have all served this amazing country!  I couldn't be more proud to say that!  I have ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War!  The reason this country is free from all other rule!  Amazing!  Ok that is my emotional part, for now.....

We actually did not do a whole lot this year.  We have been so busy that it was nice to just be with our little family!  Since the 4th fell in the middle of the week this year, a lot of the fireworks were done on Wed. night.  Dad and J had went out fishing with some good friends.  I was getting ready to put C, K and D to bed when we started to hear the popping!  So of course, being a big kid my self, I yelled at the kids and we went out on our deck and got to watch the fireworks from there.  All wrapped up in blankets and listening to squeals!  I loved!!!

On the 4th we decided we would spend the day at home.  I loved every bit, except getting a sunburn!  We worked in my garden, planted and re arranged some flowers, mowed the lawn, played with Roxie, cleaned up the outside of the house, grilled out(come on isn't that a rule), we had supper out on our patio and finished the evening with S'mores!  The kids were excited because we let them stay up super late after their baths(D didn't make it very long).  We finished the evening by sitting inside and watching some Ice Road Truckers and Duck Dynasty!  In my opinion a perfect day!

How was your Fourth of July?

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