Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What we have been up to and the end of swim lessons

I was so proud of D!  After two weeks of watching the other kids do their swim lessons he decided he was going to try out the big pool!  Now to those of you who do not know, D has always been terrified of water!  I mean TERRIFIED!!!!  If Dad or I didn't hold him, he would escape screaming from any sort of water.  The bath tub, pools, a water park, the hose!!!!  It was exhausting!  So K and C's swim teacher was actually their babysitter and she convinced him to go in with her.  He walked right in(top right picture) and had a blast.  He didn't want to get out!

We have been playing at the park.  And watching some amazing sunsets!  These pictures do them no justice what-so-ever!   They were the most amazing thing to watch!  God's creations endlessly astound me!

K had a Dr. appointment to check his iron levels, white cell counts and a glucose test.  He was so brave having his blood drawn!  He didn't even cry!  Praise God his iron is in the normal range now!  It has taken us 6 years, but we finally got it there!!!  His glucose test came back in the normal range too!  White cell count was still low, but I can handle this!                                                                                                                                                                                                         Like everyone else we have been waiting for the birth announcement of the royal baby!  I am not ashamed to say I love this stuff!

My flowers are finally starting to bloom!  I love walking outside and seeing all of the amazing colors!

J got to ride along with Dad in the semi truck.  Don't ask me what he is standing by in this picture because I can not remember for the life of me!  But he had a blast to say the least!

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