Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let's go Fly a kite!

The other day we had a fun surprise planned for the kids, we were going to take them to the zoo for a fun day!  Hang out with friends and family, but......D ended up with his own surprise, he started throwing up at 3am!  :(  He really had us worried, for such a little body, how was he able to keep getting sick like that?!  So needless to say, we stayed home and he slept ALL DAY!

So Dad came up with a good idea, he had me run up to the store and pick up some kites for the other 3 kids(we got one for D in case he felt better, but never did go outside).  So J, C and K spent the afternoon outside with Dad(and me long enough to take pictures and hear their excitement!) flying kites!

C and K were learning the simple steps to keep a kite flying.  J was trying some amazing maneuvers with his kite!  I love how something simple like kites kept them so entertained!

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