Sunday, August 4, 2013

School Supplies

OK I have been strong all summer, saying I was OK with D going to school this year.  He is ready, he is old enough, he will be fine, but....I DON'T WANT MY BABY TO GO!  ;)  I am just kidding, of course I want him to go and have an amazing time like his brothers and sister, but it is definitely harder this time around.  He is my baby!

So the other day he was SO EXCITED because he got to go school shopping with his siblings!  That made my day, to see the look on his face when I told him.  To watch his excitement as he ran from aisle to aisle picking up his supplies.  I think with the folders, he changed his mind 50 times because he wanted to have the same ones as K!

Their excitement gives me excitement.  J is getting to the age, where school is not as fun and more work.  So he was a little harder to convince to be excited to go shopping, but I think secretly inside he is!

Next step is getting school clothes and shoes, and then it will be time.  We will see how much I cry that day! :/

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