Sunday, August 18, 2013

New family evening fun/learning

I have a few blogs that I read pretty religiously(seriously only 3 but hey!).  One of them had posted about a FHE(Family Home Evening) that they do once a month that I decided we would try!  Once a month you pick a new destination in the world, you learn about it and then you have a whole meal dedicated to their authentic food!  Dad and I decided to really focus around our areas of family origin, but last night(our first night) was Asia, because well because I was craving it! :)

So we picked Asia to start out our monthly meals!  These meals all have to be homemade by us, which actually went way smoother then what I thought it would!  We made rice, beef and broccoli stir fry and sweet and sour chicken.  It all turned out so amazing!  I couldn't stop eating the beef and broccoli!  K and D were not to fond of our meal and only ate the chicken(seriously not even the rice!).

They did however LOVE the Pocky sticks!   They were super great.  These are small bread sticks dipped in dark chocolate.  I probably should have bought them each their own box!

Then to end our evening we watched Mulan.  Now I know this is a cartoon and a lot probably is not that spot on; however, having little kids I doubted we could get them to watch Anna and the King or something like that!

So if anyone has any great authentic recipes from Germany, Denmark, Scotland, England shoot them too me!

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