Monday, August 31, 2015

Cookies I have done lately

Woodford Truck Show

I had to finish up School shopping on Saturday, so Fred decided to surprise the boys and go over to the Woodford Truck Show.  Camryn really wasn't interested in the show so she went with me(go figure)! 

A day on the Farm(picture heavy)

We got together at my sister-in-laws farm yesterday.  Not everyone could make it, but let's face it, when a family is that big you are never going to find a day that everyone can make it!  Those who couldn't make it were missed by all.  It was a fun and relaxing day and everyone slept really good last night ;)

A great picture of Fred and Joseph!

All of the monkeys climbing the tree!  I am just so glad that Joseph had enough sense not to climb with that cast on!

Story behind this picture: These are a few of Fred's siblings Gena, Megan, Joe, Fred, Heather and Henri(missing Amy, Kelsey and Jennifer).  Growing up their Dad would walk around in his underwear without a care of who might see(inside and outside at times) So this was a little tribute to him!  Funny!

They always have to ride around the farm with uncle Dudley!

Joseph chilling out for a bit(it is hard work running around with a cast on!)
I love this picture!  When did all of these girls grow up?!?!  Such amazing beauties!!

I got my baby fix for sure yesterday!!!  I will not confirm or deny, but I might have had Thomas most of the day ;)

Camryn got her fix also!  She loved playing with her little"r" cousins.  This is Rylee.

3 of the crazies!

He thought Uncle Fred was the greatest!  Always had a smile on for him!

This was right before we left.  Keith was starting to feel the effects of running around outside all day.  He was a whooped puppy!

Thanks so much Henri and Dudley for hosting this little get together!!  It was a lot of fun and I can not wait to do it again!  Love you all!