Saturday, August 29, 2015

Our life lately!

Here are some random photos from our life lately!

Camryn has been struggling to stick a headstand.  Fred decided he could show her how to get it started easier, and he actually ended up sticking a headstand(before he fell).  I couldn't believe he was actually doing one instead of talking her through it!

Me and my girl!!  I love this picture!

Keith started football last Monday.  This was the only picture I got that night, but I will make sure to get more this Monday!

We were driving home from gymnastics last Tuesday and this is what the sky looked like.  Isn't it amazing how God can make these amazing paintings in the sky!!

I finally got all of the kids "birth" bats.  I love them.

We went shoe shopping the other night.  Can you tell the two who were not into it?!  I can not complain though, they were still really good!

David picked the movie the other night, and then proceeded to quote the entire thing!  If you don't know this, it absolutely drives Fred nuts when someone does this.  But I seriously think David just can not help it!

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