Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A day at the zoo

This weekend we spent the day at the Madison zoo with our family and my sisters family.  I will always enjoy watching a kids face when they go to the zoo!  This was the first year that David really got involved and understood everything!  He would grab someones hand and yank them over to what he was so excited to see at this second!  It was adorable!


I have to start with this picture because it is so funny!  The look on Davids face is one full of a few different emotions.  This little Macaw was flying and fell into the water.  So he climbed the fence in an attempt to dry off.  It was very cool because the kids got to see this bird up close.  David was hesitant of this bird at first, I mean come on, it is a big bird!  But right after I put my camera down David turned and attempted to grab the bird!!!!!!!  Let me say he had a few adults yell "NO!"  But that look on his face, completely devilish!!

The men deep in conversation about Alpacas, I love these little moments that I can catch forever on film!

The top picture is Keither riding the carousel.  The bottom picture shows Camryn, David and Joseph.  I adore this picture!  We asked Joseph to watch his little brother on the carousel.  We didn't see where they went until after it started.  When it came around for us to see, we saw Joseph sitting on a bench with David.  I was so proud because Joseph did not make David climb up on something that would make him uncomfortable.  He choose to sit on something that David could do.  And because of that David begged us for a second trip around!

 We had so much fun, but it was a long day.  Keith and David fell asleep on the way home, and no one fought us on bedtime that night!

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