Sunday, March 23, 2014

I love weekends!

Dad only gets every other weekend off, so we take full advantage of those days off!  We try to have one day to relax, just our family, no one else!  That was today!  I felt so productive today, excited because I had a surprise for the kids that I wanted to make.

We had our normal, figure skating lessons on Saturday morning.  C only has 2 more weeks in this session, and she has come so far!  I am beyond proud of her!  

Unky Dean came for a visit.  With this crazy uncle I am never surprised when I see pictures like this on snapchat!

This was the surprise that I made for the kids, now I need to make 3 more so there is no fighting!  I was pleased how it turned out.  For those of you who do not know, this is Olaf from the movie Frozen!  Which is a completely obsession in our house!  The kids have it memorized, and honestly so do I!  They have watched it so much!

I made myself this wreath a few weeks ago, and just finished up another one to send to Kentucky to our Aunt!  I hope you like it!

This was just a quick over view of our weekend, we also got to visit with family that lives further away, so that is always fun!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dental visits, pulled teeth and balloons!

Last year we went about finding a new dentist for our family, and let me tell you, the one we found is a KEEPER!  My kids actually fight over who gets to go first!  You gotta love when you go the dentist and it is not a fight over NOT going.  This guy makes them balloon animals after they are done, and I love him because he fully explains everything in my kind of terms!

This morning was the kids 6 month cleaning, but we also went in knowing J had to get two teeth pulled. :(  He was so nervous!  We have never had to deal with anything except for cleanings and x-rays, so he didn't know what to expect.

I feel like such a bad mom for taking this picture!

Well besides the teeth getting pulled and the typical cleaning, D ended up with a minor cavity!  So our typical hour to hour and half visit, turned into a 3 hour visit!  But they were so good,  I really can't complain!  We ended up with 6 balloon animals, 4 of which made it home alive!


Seriously, how do I have a kid in the double digits?!  I understand every mom goes through nostalgic moments on their kids birthdays.  It is such a mix of emotions to watch your children grow up!  I want to keep them little forever, but I also can not wait to see what their future brings!  Who they will be, what they will do....

On Saturday J turned the big 1-0!  He was excited, until I told him I was not allowing any of the kids to have anymore birthdays, they were not allowed to grow up (I kid!).  Of course, we played with all of the new toys and ate some yummy cake!

Monday, March 3, 2014

My little figure skater!

C started watching the Winter Olympics and became OBSESSED with the figure skating portions!  So after searching for weeks, I finally found a place that hosted lessons!  I did not believe that it would take me that long to find someplace, but we do live in small town america!
You can tell by the look on her face, she was incredibly nervous, but held it together so well!

She started lessons last saturday, and I could not have been more proud!  I told her that she would fall alot, since she has never skated before.  However, I expected her to get right back up and try again.  I was right, she fell A lot, but every time she got back up and tried harder!  By the time we left(she didn't want to leave) she was skating around more smoothly!

She told me she wished lessons were every day!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Febraury Recap

I can not believe it is almost March!  Wow!  That means one step closer to spring! Yay!

What have we been up to all month?  Well, obviously, quite a bit for me to not realize that it is almost March ;).

Story Time with Dad.  And yes, if you follow me on facebook or instagram, you will realize that my kids are yet again sitting on the counter!  I need to seriously do a post of the different ways they sit up there!  This story in particular was quite entertaining, it was about a Japanese Samurai.  Which would obviously have Japanese words and names, I think towards the end of the book they were getting made up!

I have been working a little more on our Ancestor wall.  This wall in our house has current and ancestors pictures.  I want my kids to be able to look at it and see where they come from!

Current Book I am reading, and LOVING!

This is what happens when you try to hurry up and cook a pizza.  I have cooked pizzas without a pan SO many times before and NEVER had this happen!!  I opened the oven to check it out, right as the center fell through the grates!  Thank God I had a pan under to catch any overflows from other stuff!  It wasn't horrible to clean, just a pain that we lost the majority of the pizza!

It was a super hero and mustache kind of day in our house!  I love to see their imaginations come out like this!

J had his first orthodontist appointment!  When did my baby grow up(he will be 10 next month!).  He has to get a few teeth pulled, but the braces can hold off for another year.

Roxie has become a pro at begging!  This morning in particular, she was begging Dad not to leave for work and just stay and pet her!

Lots and lots and lots........of crafts!

Beautiful sunsets!

C was determined to look her absolute best for her valentines day party at school.  So she insisted on me doing rag curls for her.  I didn't fight her, I love doing her hair like this!

D falls asleep in some of the oddest places!  This day he was mad at me and was hiding, well that is where he crashed!

I have been making a lot of fashion ruffle scarves!!  Email me if you are interested!

The grill masters!  We are not like everyone else, we grill all year round!

Some awesome sledding days!

These were just some of the highlights of February!  I can't wait to see what March brings!