Sunday, March 23, 2014

I love weekends!

Dad only gets every other weekend off, so we take full advantage of those days off!  We try to have one day to relax, just our family, no one else!  That was today!  I felt so productive today, excited because I had a surprise for the kids that I wanted to make.

We had our normal, figure skating lessons on Saturday morning.  C only has 2 more weeks in this session, and she has come so far!  I am beyond proud of her!  

Unky Dean came for a visit.  With this crazy uncle I am never surprised when I see pictures like this on snapchat!

This was the surprise that I made for the kids, now I need to make 3 more so there is no fighting!  I was pleased how it turned out.  For those of you who do not know, this is Olaf from the movie Frozen!  Which is a completely obsession in our house!  The kids have it memorized, and honestly so do I!  They have watched it so much!

I made myself this wreath a few weeks ago, and just finished up another one to send to Kentucky to our Aunt!  I hope you like it!

This was just a quick over view of our weekend, we also got to visit with family that lives further away, so that is always fun!

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