Monday, March 17, 2014

Dental visits, pulled teeth and balloons!

Last year we went about finding a new dentist for our family, and let me tell you, the one we found is a KEEPER!  My kids actually fight over who gets to go first!  You gotta love when you go the dentist and it is not a fight over NOT going.  This guy makes them balloon animals after they are done, and I love him because he fully explains everything in my kind of terms!

This morning was the kids 6 month cleaning, but we also went in knowing J had to get two teeth pulled. :(  He was so nervous!  We have never had to deal with anything except for cleanings and x-rays, so he didn't know what to expect.

I feel like such a bad mom for taking this picture!

Well besides the teeth getting pulled and the typical cleaning, D ended up with a minor cavity!  So our typical hour to hour and half visit, turned into a 3 hour visit!  But they were so good,  I really can't complain!  We ended up with 6 balloon animals, 4 of which made it home alive!

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