Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My heart is heavy today...

As a LEO family we know that there is always the unknown.  We can't live in the "what-ifs" because we would not be able to live.  But it is always in the back of our heads(why is he late, why didn't I hear back from that text, was that his siren that just went by....)
Face it we have heard of these almost daily lately.  Officer killed in the line of duty....doing their job, to protect and serve.  
Every time I hear of another officers life lost, I get a little sick to my stomach.  But this time it hit close to home.  Small town Wisconsin, middle of no where.  Not downtown LA, Not in the slums of New York City, but a State Patrolman from Wisconsin.
I could go on and on about how they are expected to protect people(even the idiots who try to kill them) but we are not expected to get upset when one of them is injured or worse.  I could say how my husband and some dear friends have been through a lot, seen too much, been injured...but I won't.
I will simply leave my post with a Prose that my husband shared on facebook a while ago.  If you want a little insight into living in the life of a law enforcement family, read this and let it sink it.  It is word for word fact!
RIP State Trooper Trevor Casper!  Stay safe everyone else.

Because I’m a Law Enforcement Official’s Wife (LEOW)

Because I’m a LEOW I spend 6 months out of the year sleeping alone.
Because I’m a LEOW I schedule holidays and birthdays around a rotating shift
Because I’m a LEOW I think the worst and start planning my husband’s funeral in my head when he doesn’t answer my text or my phone calls. A few minutes feels like hours and I picture him injured laying helpless on the side of the road praying for back up. I catch myself looking out the window waiting to see another LEO car pull up to deliver bad news.
Because I’m a LEOW When I hear about an Officer that died in the line of duty my heat hurts more than ever for the family of the Officer and the Blue Brothers and Sisters.
Because I’m a LEOW I am more alert when walking alone due to the stores I’ve heard from my husband.
Because I’m a LEOW I pay attention to details.
Because I’m a LEOW I treasure every goodbye kiss because I never know if it will be our last.
Because I’m a LEOW I can breathe easy when I know he home asleep in our bed.
Because I’m a LEOW I have prepared myself to raise our children alone in case he doesn’t come home.
Because I’m a LEOW I don’t sweat the small stuff. It seems meaningless compared to the emotional rollercoaster I ride every day that he is working.
Because I’m a LEOW My phone is not set on silence when he works nights.
Because I’m a LEOW I can talk and understand 10 codes.
Because I’m a LEOW I am stronger than the typical house wife. Mentally and emotionally. 
Because I’m a LEOW the horrific stores I see and hear on the News doesn’t surprise me anymore.
Because I’m a LEOW I understand that some days are just too hard to talk about so I don’t pry.
Because I’m a LEOW I know words like low ready, center mass, and bush bond.
Because I’m a LEOW I know everything you need to know about guns.
Because I’m a LEOW I have a hard time relating to other married women when they complain about their husbands bad habits. They don’t seem like a big deal to me when my husband puts his life on the line every day. 
Because I’m a LEOW my life is different than what I imaged. But I wouldn’t change it, I consider it an honor and a privilege. I’ve always got your 6 my love (If you’re a LEOW you know what that means).

By Rhea C.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Once in a lifetime....

In the past two weeks we had a chance for our kids to see/experience some once in a lifetime events.  
Gods amazing handy-work!

The Northern Lights(Aura Borealis).  
This is not my image, but I just could not capture the amazing beauty of them!  We grabbed the kids and jumped in the truck and ran up to a local spot with very little light to watch them.  I loved how excited they got when they spotted a new "finger" shooting around!  I remember watching these when I was little but honestly don't remember seeing them since then.

Lunar eclipse.  The bottom light.  This is a horribly grainy picture from my cellphone.  I didn't even remember that was happening last night.  I walked out to check on somethings and told Fred to check the moon out.  Then we ran inside to grab the kids(again) to go check it out!  They were all relaxing inside in their pj's!  But they saw our excitement and jumped at the opportunity to go check out another beauty!  

I love that our kids get as excited as we do over natural beauty!  I hope everyone else got to check these miracles out!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Joseph turned 11!

How is it that my baby, this guy

Is now this old

I blinked!!!!  
As sad as it is to watch them grow up, it is happy also.  I love seeing the little man he is turning into.  The way he is growing up in maturity.  I am so proud of him!  He is a kind hearted, strong helper and an amazing young man!

We love you Joseph!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Menards trips

We are finishing up some remodels on our house.  Because of this we have had to make numerous trips to Menards!  Of course Fred loves it.  The kids usually do good, but you can only have them be still and listen so long.  Then they start to get silly....