Wednesday, April 29, 2015

1 year........

"On this day I do not mourn his death.  I thank God he lived." 
Dale Earnhardt Jr.

A special visitor

Monday, April 20, 2015

Grill Master and Jr.

Fred is a huge griller.  We didn't really grill when we were first together, but as the years have gone on Fred has gotten more and more into.  It is to the point, I always tease him, I am never afraid we won't eat if we don't have power!  Well now Joseph is in on it also(has his own grill and they do contests each year).  The other day Fred bought some contraption for his grill(Don't ask me what it is or what it does exactly, but it is attached to the side of his grill.....).  Fred loves to post pictures on facebook of what he is grilling(which I informed him, I am going to start posting pictures of my desserts now!).

Venison steak, and bacon wrapped venison chops

Mozzarella stuffed burgers

Marinated Pork Chops

Keith watching Dad grill, and Roxie hoping for some dropped treats

Pork Chops

A beautiful weekend and some fishing

Before we started any fishing we had to explore a little bit. 

One of my favorite pictures!  The smiles are real, they were having a blast!

We watched a HUGE beaver swim up on shower and proceeded to relax there.  The kids were absolutely fascinated with it!  Even Camryn(which still surprises me) kept walking up by it.

I always love taking falling behind and taking pictures.  The kids always remind me of little ducks following Daddy.

All of the kids got excited to catch a fish, but Camryn was the most entertaining!  "UM DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!!!"

On  day 2 grandma went with us.  She ended up catching the 2 biggest fish!

David had to touch every single fish caught!

Freds first time filleting the fish we caught.  He did great!  We fried them up, and they were gone before you could blink!

And this is how everyone felt at the end of the weekend! <3

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring in the air

I asked Camryn(told) to do the dishes.  She protested and I informed her that i needed one side of the sink to wash something, so she had to do the dishes.  When I came back inside, I saw that she took me literally.  She emptied ONE SIDE of the sink!  Stinker!

After that we had a little fun playing hairdresser.  I was in love, because she never lets me play with her hair anymore!

Fred finished one of his benches in the garage and the kids just had to try it out!  Goobers!

Keith and David were DONE when we went shopping last week!  I was trying to find some scrapbooking stuff and look down on the lower shelves to see these two!

Easter 2015(long post, lots of pictures!)

The Easter egg hunt!  Fred has always had a lot of fun setting this up for the kids!  He writes a note on the driveway from the Easter Bunny and gets the kids all excited!

We ended up having a lovely brunch.  I got a picture of one thing out of all of it!  I have no clue what to call it, but it is crescent rolls filled with scrambled eggs and cheese!  So yummy!!

It was such a nice day that we could not just sit inside!  So we decided to do a bunch of yard work.  Fred tilled up the garden, I planted more Asparagus(YUM) and we raked out a bunch of leaves!!

They got to spend time making a Easter craft basket with Grammy Johnson, and the Easter bunny also visited our neighbors(who are like grandparents also)

And made our Easter Story Crafts

And we can not end this post with out making a comment about those amazing badgers!!!

We hope you had a happy and Blessed Easter!!