Monday, April 20, 2015

A beautiful weekend and some fishing

Before we started any fishing we had to explore a little bit. 

One of my favorite pictures!  The smiles are real, they were having a blast!

We watched a HUGE beaver swim up on shower and proceeded to relax there.  The kids were absolutely fascinated with it!  Even Camryn(which still surprises me) kept walking up by it.

I always love taking falling behind and taking pictures.  The kids always remind me of little ducks following Daddy.

All of the kids got excited to catch a fish, but Camryn was the most entertaining!  "UM DADDY, DADDY, DADDY!!!"

On  day 2 grandma went with us.  She ended up catching the 2 biggest fish!

David had to touch every single fish caught!

Freds first time filleting the fish we caught.  He did great!  We fried them up, and they were gone before you could blink!

And this is how everyone felt at the end of the weekend! <3

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