Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Halloween 2016

I love all Holidays, and love all of  preparations and decorations that go with it!  We decided(kind of by accident) to go with a 80s Thriller theme!  It really fell together by accident.  Joseph and Camryn decided to be teenagers from the 80s, Joseph is actually wearing Freds old FFA jacket from high school!!!  Keith and David insisted on being Zombies.  When they stood together it clicked!

We carved pumpkins the day before.  Everyone actually tried their hand at carving their own(majority didn't finish it, but they tried).

They ended up with a huge hall of candy!  We are still eating it!


Monday, November 16, 2015

My birthday

Fred and the kiddos took me out for my birthday to Buffalo Wild Wings(yummy!!!)

The kids were excited, we normally don't go out on a school night, but this was a Thursday so it was a huge treat(for them and me)!

It even ended with Fred telling the waiter that it was my birthday and they came out with a microphone and a very loud announcement for everyone to hear!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Our weekend

Besides having the homecoming parade and our family pictures, we did a few other things.
I find this picture funny!  This is not the first time Roxie has allowed Fred to pick her up like this(I mean she does think she is a lap dog).  But this dog is a whopping 83lbs!  Her tail did not stop wagging after he put her back down!

Fred has started his fall/winter grilling attire!  Don't let the serious picture fool you!

Went on a "walk" with my buddy tonight. On the way back home he got 7 semis and 2 lead cars(for over sized loads) to honk at him. He was squealing with excitement and I was laughing! Then he decided a walk just wasn't good enough, so we jogged the rest of the way!

Fred surprised both Camryn and I with some beautiful roses!!  Mine are the red ones.  At the time of him buying these he didn't fully know the stress I was under.  He showed up at the house with them.  It is the little things that mean the most!  God has blessed me with a pretty amazing family!!

Anytime I sit on the couch and have food this is what I see!

Last night's dessert!  We watched the Night at the Museum 3 and ate Dilly Bars! Yummy!

On the way to the store David and Camryn took my phone and this is what I saw when I got it back!

It will be a long time before Fred gets a chair to himself.  I think he is ok with that!!!  Let them be little!!

Family PIctures

We had the amazing Judi Carey do our family pictures Saturday evening!  You can check out some of her awesome pictures on her facebook page.  This was the first time we have had professional pictures taken since David was born!  Needless to say we were over-due! 

These are just a few of what she took, I can not wait to see the rest of them!!

The kids did amazing with their attitudes and willingness to take pictures!  So Fred and I surprised them with an ice cream cake for dessert!!

Homecoming Parade

We had the Benton Homecoming Parade Saturday Morning.  I always love watching the school spirit come out in a small town!  All 4 of the kids were in the parade this year.  They had to dress up in a Super Hero theme.  I took so many pictures of all of the kids (K-6) because some of them I couldn't tell who was who!!  Keith, as you can see from his picture, was too cool to look at Mom for his picture!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Our week in a nutshell

The highlight of the Norder house was we got to spend the week with this amazing little dude!

Camryn had her 2nd week of Showstoppers practice!  Those girls are great!

While Camryn and I were gone at practice Fred took the boys up North and the went sightseeing and rode on the Ferry!  They had a blast and Fred got some pretty amazing pictures!

Can't go up there without stopping at Cabelas!

Rainy night=Root beer floats and How to Train Your Dragon!

The AMAZING sunset Tuesday night!

Keith had his football game(they won!)

Camryn started another session of gymnastics!

David has now joined in on the chipmunk clearing ;)

Fred saw these 3 eagles in a field on the way home the other day!  Aren't these majestic birds!

You forget some things about having babies ;)

Oh how I miss this little man already!!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Camryn is 10 (second one in double digits!)

1. You are not only beautiful on the outside, you have an amazing beautiful tender heart!
2. Even though you get frustrated with me for asking, you are always willing to help out your siblings!
3. You fight about the silliest things, but the things that are important you take us at our word and go in full force!
4. You are SO smart!  I admire your brain and how it works!
5. I LOVE that you LOVE to read.  You always have your nose in a book, I was the same way growing up.  I adore that I have someone to share my love of reading.
6. You are starting to remind me more and more of myself at your age(especially your room)
7. You have a very caring soul.  You are always willing to help others, you cry at movies and books, you get so excited to help out with a surprise, and buying presents is your favorite thing!
8. I love seeing the silly girly-ness of your age coming out!
9. You are so talented in music!  I hope you strive to always do it and learn more!
10. You are and will always be a Daddy's girl, however you always know when I need some "Cami-time"

Friday, September 11, 2015

Keith's first Football Game

Keith had his first football game with the Galena program.  It was adorable to watch all of them have fun!  Even though it was flag football, there was some tackling(Come on they are boys!).  All in all he had a blast and can't wait for the next game.  They even had little cheerleaders!