Monday, October 5, 2015

Our weekend

Besides having the homecoming parade and our family pictures, we did a few other things.
I find this picture funny!  This is not the first time Roxie has allowed Fred to pick her up like this(I mean she does think she is a lap dog).  But this dog is a whopping 83lbs!  Her tail did not stop wagging after he put her back down!

Fred has started his fall/winter grilling attire!  Don't let the serious picture fool you!

Went on a "walk" with my buddy tonight. On the way back home he got 7 semis and 2 lead cars(for over sized loads) to honk at him. He was squealing with excitement and I was laughing! Then he decided a walk just wasn't good enough, so we jogged the rest of the way!

Fred surprised both Camryn and I with some beautiful roses!!  Mine are the red ones.  At the time of him buying these he didn't fully know the stress I was under.  He showed up at the house with them.  It is the little things that mean the most!  God has blessed me with a pretty amazing family!!

Anytime I sit on the couch and have food this is what I see!

Last night's dessert!  We watched the Night at the Museum 3 and ate Dilly Bars! Yummy!

On the way to the store David and Camryn took my phone and this is what I saw when I got it back!

It will be a long time before Fred gets a chair to himself.  I think he is ok with that!!!  Let them be little!!

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