Monday, September 14, 2015

Camryn is 10 (second one in double digits!)

1. You are not only beautiful on the outside, you have an amazing beautiful tender heart!
2. Even though you get frustrated with me for asking, you are always willing to help out your siblings!
3. You fight about the silliest things, but the things that are important you take us at our word and go in full force!
4. You are SO smart!  I admire your brain and how it works!
5. I LOVE that you LOVE to read.  You always have your nose in a book, I was the same way growing up.  I adore that I have someone to share my love of reading.
6. You are starting to remind me more and more of myself at your age(especially your room)
7. You have a very caring soul.  You are always willing to help others, you cry at movies and books, you get so excited to help out with a surprise, and buying presents is your favorite thing!
8. I love seeing the silly girly-ness of your age coming out!
9. You are so talented in music!  I hope you strive to always do it and learn more!
10. You are and will always be a Daddy's girl, however you always know when I need some "Cami-time"

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