Monday, September 21, 2015

Our week in a nutshell

The highlight of the Norder house was we got to spend the week with this amazing little dude!

Camryn had her 2nd week of Showstoppers practice!  Those girls are great!

While Camryn and I were gone at practice Fred took the boys up North and the went sightseeing and rode on the Ferry!  They had a blast and Fred got some pretty amazing pictures!

Can't go up there without stopping at Cabelas!

Rainy night=Root beer floats and How to Train Your Dragon!

The AMAZING sunset Tuesday night!

Keith had his football game(they won!)

Camryn started another session of gymnastics!

David has now joined in on the chipmunk clearing ;)

Fred saw these 3 eagles in a field on the way home the other day!  Aren't these majestic birds!

You forget some things about having babies ;)

Oh how I miss this little man already!!!

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