Sunday, September 6, 2015

12 years! WOW

12 years ago I married my best friend.  Sounds cheesy, I know, but seriously I don't know where I would be without Fred!  We have built an amazing life together and he is truly my best friend!
For those of you who were not at our wedding(or those who were and just want a flash back) here are some pictures from our amazing day!!

September 6, 2003
A very warm day, sunny day!

I couldn't not include a picture of these two characters!

My bridesmaids and maid of honor.

My brother Jimmy was in Iraq.  We had a bridesmaid walk down the isle by herself to symbolize where he would have been.

My two beautiful attendants!

My Mom and Dad.

Fred with the bridesmaids and flower girl.

Right before I walked down the isle.

This is a far away picture but one of my favorite pictures.  If you look closely at Fred's face, our photographer captured the look on his face the first second he saw me.

Mr. and Mrs. Norder!!!!!!

Fred's Parents

Fred with Grammy Joyce

Our two surviving Gran parents at the time.  Fred's grandma and my Nana.

I love this picture!  The only boys in their family(not including any nephews or brother in laws)

All 4 of the parents

These two were hilarious!!  They grabbed each other and went to the dance floor and had everyone cracking up!

And that is where Fred gets it from!  What a card!

Everyone in the wedding party!

I love this picture.  Fred made fun of me, but by the time we got to the reception my feet were killing me.  I am a country girl who has always gone barefoot!  So we jumped in the car and as soon as I could reach my feet(that dress was huge) my shoes came off!  I didn't wear them again the rest of the night.

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