Sunday, March 22, 2015

Once in a lifetime....

In the past two weeks we had a chance for our kids to see/experience some once in a lifetime events.  
Gods amazing handy-work!

The Northern Lights(Aura Borealis).  
This is not my image, but I just could not capture the amazing beauty of them!  We grabbed the kids and jumped in the truck and ran up to a local spot with very little light to watch them.  I loved how excited they got when they spotted a new "finger" shooting around!  I remember watching these when I was little but honestly don't remember seeing them since then.

Lunar eclipse.  The bottom light.  This is a horribly grainy picture from my cellphone.  I didn't even remember that was happening last night.  I walked out to check on somethings and told Fred to check the moon out.  Then we ran inside to grab the kids(again) to go check it out!  They were all relaxing inside in their pj's!  But they saw our excitement and jumped at the opportunity to go check out another beauty!  

I love that our kids get as excited as we do over natural beauty!  I hope everyone else got to check these miracles out!

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