Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Our weekend(Plus some)

I always tease Fred, between our animals and doing things to the house, that it feels like we are a "Mini Farm".

It has proven true yet again!  Last week(before Joseph broke his foot) Fred and Joseph went fishing and caught a nice load of catfish and bluegill!  Fred decided I had to learn how to fillet a fish also, so he taught me and had me do 4 of the catfish they caught.  He said I did good, but I was so worried I was going to ruin it and then we would be out supper!

The Sunday we spent the whole day outside.  Fred has wanted to get this landscaping done.  We have a bunch of lilies and other flowers in front of our house that are becoming overgrown.  So we decided to split them apart and add them to this new area we made.  The yard was so dry, it made it really difficult to till through, but man it looks good now that it is done!!

Sundays for us are our special meal.  It is almost always "Steak Sunday".  This Sunday was no different and Fred caught this picture of the kids gnawing away on the leftover steak(apparently it was good ;)

Monday morning I sent Fred a text showing him that my stand mixer had finally bit the dust.  :( He knew I had a load of cookies to do this week and next so when he came home from work, he had a nice present for me!

And this is how we ended everything last night.

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