Monday, August 31, 2015

A day on the Farm(picture heavy)

We got together at my sister-in-laws farm yesterday.  Not everyone could make it, but let's face it, when a family is that big you are never going to find a day that everyone can make it!  Those who couldn't make it were missed by all.  It was a fun and relaxing day and everyone slept really good last night ;)

A great picture of Fred and Joseph!

All of the monkeys climbing the tree!  I am just so glad that Joseph had enough sense not to climb with that cast on!

Story behind this picture: These are a few of Fred's siblings Gena, Megan, Joe, Fred, Heather and Henri(missing Amy, Kelsey and Jennifer).  Growing up their Dad would walk around in his underwear without a care of who might see(inside and outside at times) So this was a little tribute to him!  Funny!

They always have to ride around the farm with uncle Dudley!

Joseph chilling out for a bit(it is hard work running around with a cast on!)
I love this picture!  When did all of these girls grow up?!?!  Such amazing beauties!!

I got my baby fix for sure yesterday!!!  I will not confirm or deny, but I might have had Thomas most of the day ;)

Camryn got her fix also!  She loved playing with her little"r" cousins.  This is Rylee.

3 of the crazies!

He thought Uncle Fred was the greatest!  Always had a smile on for him!

This was right before we left.  Keith was starting to feel the effects of running around outside all day.  He was a whooped puppy!

Thanks so much Henri and Dudley for hosting this little get together!!  It was a lot of fun and I can not wait to do it again!  Love you all!

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