Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Kentucky Trip

We are finally home and getting back to our normal everyday schedules!  It is crazy how long it takes to get back to functioning again!  We got a chance to spend about a week and half down with Dads side of the family in Kentucky.  This is always a huge highlight for all of us!  I think Dad and I get just as excited as the kids!

We definitely wore the kiddos out each and every night!  Campfires with smores' just about every night!  Lots of fishing, C actually caught the biggest fish(which I didn't get a picture of).  This makes me laugh every time, because she is the most girly girl there is!  We went to the pool one day and the kids all swam for 3 hours strait!  I don't know who was more tired that day, the kids for playing so hard, or the adults for having to chase after them!

We had a main purpose for going down this time.  Usually we just go down to visit and spend time with family, who we only get to see once maybe twice a year.  This time we went down to bury Dad's fathers ashes.  This cemetery is where the family all is.  It was such a nice ceremony with LOTS of family and some old classmates and friends. 

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