Sunday, July 7, 2013

My little quirks!

I am a woman who has certain "quirks" and I am ok with that! ;)  Dad often just rolls his eyes anymore and doesn't even say anything!  It has only taken almost 12 years for me to get him there, now maybe in another 12 years he will join in (DOUBT IT).

Not our garage, but if I get my way, it will be!

*I most likely have some small for of OCD. 
*I am a perfectionist, and if I can not get it done the exact right way, it will wait until I can!
*I LOVE to organize!  Yes Dad came home to a house with completely re-organized cupboards!
*My brain does not shut off when it comes to new ideas of how to make my house "better".
*I love to read blogs!  Some of my favorites are The Sunny Side up, 71 toes, Practically speaking and School in our slippers.
*I go all out planning parties(birthday and Holidays).  And realized this morning that I need to get going on a few!
*I compulsively re-arrange furniture!  Even if I love how it looks and it works well, it will be moved in a few months!
*If I found a item I love, I will make sure there is absolutly no way I can make it myself before I buy it.
*Dad loves to drive me crazy!  When I organize/make better things, he will put them back in their original place!  He is a creature of habit, I am a creature of fixing ;)  Like the soap dispenser!  I could not figure out for a week who kept putting it in the wrong place and leaving it!  Then I caught him and he just laughed!  AH!

This is who I am and I am ok with it ;)  This post is dedicated to my Sister-in-Law, who informed me yesterday that my organizing spurts happen monthly not randomly!  Thanks A!

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