Friday, December 23, 2011

We love to help Mommy!

A few weeks ago I was preparing cookies for our very first annual Cookie Swap. Baby D ended up having a very bad morning and was honestly frustrating me. I didn't know what he wanted (I know other mothers know what I am talking about). So I decided to appease him by letting him help Mommy.
We were making Church Windows (I will post the recipe below). This is a very simple recipe and I can do with my eyes shut now. So Baby D decided he just wanted to lick the spatula! He kept standing next me with his tongue out saying "ah, mama, ah"! What a card!
Mama decided to give in, and this is what the result was...

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  1. 1 Bag of Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
    1 Small can of Sweet and condensed milk
    1 TBS butter
    1 Bag of Colored mini marshmallows
    Powder sugar
    Aluminum Foil

    Melt Chocolate Chips, butter, and sweet milk together. Let cool a bit, and add marshmallows.
    Fold Together.
    Pull out a sheet of Foil dust with powder sugar and dump half of mixture onto powder sugar. Sprinkle a bit more powder sugar on top and roll into a log. Put in the Fridge for a bit. Cut into 1 inch slices.


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