Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Dear Friend!

A few weeks ago we had a big Thirty One Premiere and afterwards a few of us got together to go out to lunch. My dear friend and I realized that after knowing each other "29" years we had no pictures of us together! Unbelievable! She has officially announced that her family will be moving quite a ways away. I am so incredibly excited for her and can't wait to go visit her! However with this news in mind I made it top priority to get our picture taken together!
We have known each other since kindergarten! Although we have always been friends, we never hung out in the same crowds. Now since graduating and both starting families, we have become incredibly close! I thank God for her everyday! It is so nice to have a friend that you can talk to every single day. She is someone who I can talk to about anything for hours! I love it!
I am so happy for her and her family, however I will not deny that I am going to be very sad to see her go!
On a high note, I know have a new vacation spot! Love you much B!!!

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  1. are SO sweet! Thanks for all the kind words! I am thankful for our friendship and you better come visit...all the time! :)


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