Sunday, October 28, 2012

Giggly girls, movie and pizzas....OH MY!

We celebrated C's birthday a little late this year.  To many things going on for everyone in September!  She actually had no complaints about waiting.  This was her very first time hosting a slumber party so she was incredibly excited!  As you can see from the girls faces above they were having fun!
We decided that we would take them out to Pizza Hut for supper and then go to Hotel Transylvainia.

My nephew tagged along with us.  How cute is this picture!  They held hands and skipped everywhere we went!

Busy coloring and playing Tic-Tac-Toe while waiting for our Pizzas to come!  I figured with kids that age they all have such different tastes so they each got their own little personal pan pizzas.

Patiently, or not so much, waiting for the movie to start!  We got a little silly while waiting and I had to talk to them about being good once other people got in the theater.  It was really funny as soon as the lights dimmed all 4 kids sat and stared at the screen!  Did not hardly move for the whole movie.  It was a super cute movie, the girls really liked it they said.  I almost feel, though, that Aunt A and Myself laughed at it a lot more then they did!  I am sure there were things that the girls didn't get that we did.
All in all a perfect, fun night!  I love hearing the sounds of the giggly girls in the back of the truck the whole way home!  We got settled in our pj's and it did not take long at all...all 3 girls were passed out cold!  I would say they had fun too!

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