Sunday, June 2, 2013

What my week has looked like!

Well the Chickenpox have traveled to the other 3 children!  Yikes!  I may be tired but I am glad they have it together and before we leave for vacation!
I have been trying to find new ways to keep them distracted from the itching!  So I found these window markers yesterday.  C loved them!  I was outside making supper with Dad and when we came back in, this is what she had wrote on the window!  How special!!!!
Leave it to K, even through the itching and soreness he is still his silly self!  He definitely has them the worst!  I feel so bad for them all, but especially him.  He has them around his eyes, mouth, nose and ears!  YUCK!
J finally got to go back to school last week!  Here are the final 3 chilling on the couch watching cartoons.  This was still at the beginning of their outbreaks so they are still in decent moods.
J ended up having two pox get infected from his itching :/ so I had to take him and get them checked out.  Luckily they have healed super quickly!  Thank God!
Dad trying to sooth C by watching music videos and singing to her.  This always helps all of the children, but especially her!  She loves to hear her Daddy sing to her!  I love the sweetness of these moments!  There is just no way to capture the true love they feel!
How about you, how has your week gone?

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