Thursday, November 28, 2013

Halloween 2013

I thought this was a really neat pictures!  If I would have thought before hand, I would have also had a picture of each person by their pumpkin, but oh well.  They are K, Mama, C, J, D and Daddy.

After thinking for a while Dad finally came up with a fun idea for his pumpkin!  I think it is hilarious!
Look at the concentration on every one's faces!! :)  Pumpkin carving is always fun and interesting in our house.

My sister in law and I have been trying to theme out the kids Halloween costumes for the past few years.  This year was not hard to get all of the kids to agree on.  Duck Dynasty, they love this show!  I love their morals, so it was a great compromise!  E(nephew) was Willie, D was Phil, C was Ms. Kay, K was uncle Si, A(niece) was a duck, and J was Jase.  A stayed home with the Dads because it was just way to cold.

This is our neighbors house, but I just love how the kids are running up to it.  Of course it is not to hard to get them to run some place if there is candy involved!

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