Sunday, December 1, 2013

A heartfelt gift from a 9 year old

As many of you readers know, my father in law passed away last December.  He fought a long hard battle with a horrible disease, Parkinson's. 

Back in October I was raking my brain to come up with something for Dad and the kids to help celebrate Papa.  I had decided to let J in my little secret and have him help me out.  We walked around Wal-mart for a little while and came up with a great idea.  For those of you who didn't know Papa, he was pretty much obsessed with John Deere products.  So that was the theme we went with.

First, below the tree is a John Deere Tractor and two Christmas figures that Papa bought for Dad years ago.  You can't see well in this picture, but we took some of the boys John Deere tractors and made them into ornaments to hang from the tree.  Then there are pictures made into ornaments of Dad and Papa.  J made those ornaments all by himself.  When we finished we wrapped it up in a bed sheet so it would be a complete surprise for Dad.  Needless to say, Dad was very surprised.  A very teary-eyed moment.  And a very heart-felt gift from a 9  year old to his Dad!

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