Monday, December 8, 2014

Head games?!

A little bit-a-go Dad decided to give me a mini heart attack!  He was working at his part time trucking job, and because of one of those freak accidents, he got hit in the head with a steel bar.

I appreciate him not telling me the whole story until after we were both home and he was safe! 

But it was def one of those "God" moments!!  He very easily would have lost his eye(if not worse) if wasn't wearing his glasses.  If he wasn't wearing his hard hat, the cut could have gone up a lot higher.  All of those "if's" was God watching out for him! 

He ended up with stitches and a concision.  He was off of work for a little bit.  I thank God Daily for not letting this be worse then what it was!

And now he thinks he is pretty cool because of his bada** scar !!

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