Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh what will I do with him?!

I know, I know everyone tells me the baby of the family will get away with a lot more than any of the other children.  However D seems to push whomever he wants to, just to see how far he goes.  He does stuff the other children never ever did! 

The picture is him getting caught chocolate handed stealing the pan of freshly made brownies!  I can't even tell you how much he ate because they were not cut up, he was just picking them out!

He is infamous for coloring himself with markers, or the floor, or the window, or the table....well do you get the idea.  He is pretty much not allowed to use markers!

He has snuck outside countless times.  He has a snarky little grin that makes you laugh.  Just a little stinker!

This being said, no matter how much of a trouble maker he is, we love him!  I have just had to learn how to redo some parenting techniques that are specific to D!

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