Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Traveling South

Our vacation was moved a few days earlier than expected, and not for a good reason.  Dads Uncle passed away from his battle with cancer.  I will honestly say, I HATE CANCER!  This is such a horrible disease. 

So instead of heading strait to Kentucky, we took a detour to Mississippi.  Thank God, our kids are all great travelers!  We only had a few minor hiccups with the trip.  That was mainly with D and K...they decided a couple times that they did not like sitting next to each other!  And they let each other know it!  A little over a 13 hour drive and we were there, southern Mississippi.  It was such a bittersweet beginning to our time off.  I had a chance to meet family members that I have never met before.  We spent 3 days down there with the family, and had quite a lot of entertainment from some family members!

Early Saturday morning we were on our way up to Kentucky.  This is the house we usually stay at.  Since we had added well over 20 hours of unexpected driving to our trip, we did not do much of anything when we got to KY. 

We went to Fort Knox to have lunch with Aunt B.  The kids had a blast seeing all of the "Army Guys"!  It was really neat seeing(from a distance) the building where they kept all of the US Gold supply!
C was such a good traveler!
The most we did was C, Aunt B and myself went to the mall.  While we were at the mall, Dad, J, K, D and Uncle G went fishing.  J was the only one to catch a fish, a cat fish!  He was so proud!  We went out to dinner that night at a wonderful home style restaurant! 

Saturday Dad took me down to where they were fishing and we watched the Alligator Gar, scary looking fish!!!  Then we took J and C back down to go fishing (D and K wanted to stay back at the house).  We started to get nibbles right as the rain came ferociously in!
The massage chairs!
Crackers and ranch dip....
Fort Knox, building where the Gold is kept.
The Gar, can you see it!?

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