Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sight is a beautiful thing...

2 weeks ago K had a 24 hour flu.  It was a typical flu(with all of the joys that go with it), but then 2 days after he finished throwing up, he woke up with a incredibly swollen eye.  No matter what people had told me I knew it was not pink eye(I have seen that and this was so different).  It hurt him bad, his eye was so red.  I was so unsettled by it that we took him to doctor.  After going over all of the tests the doctor determined that the flu virus he had, had settled behind his eye. By the time we had gotten to the dr. his eye looked like the picture(so you can imagine how bad it looked before).  Even with the swelling going down, the virus had started to affect his vision(at that moment his eye was 20/70).  He was put on a steroid drop and a antibiotic drop to hopefully release pressure and get that infection out.  He had to be seen by the eye dr. to check his eye pressure.
Now the reason Dad and I were very worried about this(since a lot of people had not heard of this happening), Dads grandma(so K's great grandma) actually lost her vision in her eye because of the same thing happening to her when she was little.  We knew what would happen if we didn't get him on his meds right away or if for some reason they did not work.  That night I slept very little, I kept going through all of the "What if's".  Would he be able to drive a car, shoot a gun, play sports normally....How bad was this going to affect his vision?!
We got good news from the eye dr., the pressue was releasing and his vision was not permanently damaged.  We have another eye dr. appointment set up for him once he is off of the antibiotic drops, to see how much/if any this did affect his vision.
As always K has been a trooper through this, very rarely fighting me with his drops.  Something like this makes you realize the little things you don't think about until bad things happen.........Thank you God!

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