Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekend recap

We had a family date night in Galena on Saturday.  We left early so that we could walk around the shops.  There was an AMAZING gallery(I obviously couldn't take pictures inside), but I wanted to purchase every single portrait in there!
Me and my girl all dolled up!
Completely normal!

Love him!

Her Daddies Daughter!

Joseph just had to stop and get his picture taken with this statue!

I fell behind a little bit, because I just had to get this picture!  I love how they all just fall into line and follow Daddy!

Then we went to Vinne's.  This is where Fred and I had our very first date.  I always tell the kids, "This is where our story began!"  I love it!

Flowers that Fred and David got me when they spent the day together Friday.

Picture by the lions!

All underneath the Vinnie sign.

David decided he would dress for the weather(it was about -3 at that point!)

Our whole Sunday was spent basically staining and prepping more on our basement!  But we did it together so it went by so fast!

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