Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Fred

Fred turns the big..................on the 27th.  I have been blessed knowing this man for the past 13 years.  He has taught me many things in this time together.  I don't think he truly realizes how much I look up to him in a lot of ways!

From the Wife:

*He is one of the most forgiving people I know.  He has never held a hatred/grudge towards anyone and is always the first to forgive!
*On that same note, he is one of the least Judgmental people I know.  Everyone sins/messes up so why rub it in their faces.
*He takes any moment he can to spend time with his kids!
*On that same note, he works INCREDIBLY hard to give them what they need/want.
*He is always doing something, this man has no downtime because he can't!  I seriously don't think his body will let him simply lay around!  He is always moving.  I tease him and tell him he a "caged hummingbird".
*He loves to cook(anyone on Facebook knows this) and he is REALLY good at it!
*He is an incredibly tough man, with a soft heart.
*He loves to do Random Acts of Kindness(I will not say what he has done, but he does them a lot).
*He is the most modest man I know, he hates when I boast about him, and never likes to "toot his own horn"
*I 100% pray that my children grow up to have so much of his attitude and work ethic!

From the midgets:

* I love that you help me with baseball. (Joseph)
* You always help us when we are hurt or sick and you care for us. (Keith)
* You always let us play our games and cuddle. (David)
* I love you for the way you love us. (Camryn)

We thank God every day for blessing us with you in our lives.  I love you "to the moon" (and yes I know this is gushy, suck it up butter-cup!).

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