Monday, May 18, 2015

The Circle of Life, and a Hard lesson for kids

Sunday Fred and the boys were doing some yard work at the back of our house.  I was over talking with our neighbor when I saw Joseph crossing the street holding something(the way he was holding it reminded me of a Faberge egg) .  Here it was a teeny tiny little bunny.  Apparently the rest of their nest  did not make it, this little guy was the only survivor (which still tears Fred apart.  As much as I hate those things for eating my garden, by no means to I want to purposely kill babies).

Fred agreed to let Joseph hang on to him until he passed(he seemed to have a paralyzed back end on top of some other things, so we knew he would just not make it.)  What we were both surprised about was how long this little guy did hang on!  This happened around 2 in the afternoon and he did not pass until sometime in the night.

Joseph had Camryn get a shoebox and filled it up with some grass, he made a little nest for it.  He did his homework in the garage and sat the bunny next to him so he could keep constant watch over him.  I was able to get him to drink a little out of the dropper.  And as hard as we tried to prepare Joseph last night, that he was just wasn't going to make it until morning(he even went as far as making me promise if he was still alive I would get some special bunny food and things.), it still tore him up this morning when I told him. 

He wasn't even functioning yet this monring and the first words out of his mouth were "How is the bunny doing?!"  I saw the glimmer of hope in his eyes quickly fade when I told him he was gone.  He climbed up on the couch next to me and cried a little and asked Fred if we could bury it.

As hard as it is to watch your kid hurt, this is a lesson that he needed to go through.  The circle of life is a tough lesson and never gets any easier, we just learn how to deal with it better.

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