Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our annual Kentucky Trip

The start of our trip(actually this might have been half way through).  David is always a good comic relief, but you can see that it didn't last long!!  All of the kids passed out at least once on the drive down, but stayed wide awake the whole way home(which surprises me because we got very little sleep the night before).

This silly over stuffed bear was the source of much entertainment and a few fights!  As you can see David had it quite a bit, but Camryn fought pretty hard for it also!  I laughed every time, especially the picture of David on the couch on it!

Joseph got to ride in Uncle Gary's sweet ride!

We had a few campfires with S'mores and a new Norder midget favorite, MoonPies!  They ended finding DOUBLE DECKER moonpies at the local store!

Camryn got to make her Aunt a necklace and Mama a bracelet!  

While the girls spent the day at the spa(sorry only picture I got!!), The boys spent the day with Dad and got ice cream!!

The Fireworks on the Damn were amazing!!  I would seriously love to know how many people were there(for local people it completely compares to Madison fireworks! So many people were there!).  We went with Uncle Gary, Aunt Bernadette, Kevin and Robin and 3 of their kids and the 6 Norder's.  The kids had a blast and were actually mad when we had to leave :)

I love this picture of the boys, they were so into the fireworks!

By far my favorite picture of the trip!!

We shot some guns(oh yeah I feel pretty awesome doing it and I even hit the target!)

We had one gnarly storm come through one day!!  I honestly don't know if I have seen such a hard downpour!

Joseph is getting to be a pretty good shot and a lot more confident with the gun!  I love seeing them grow!

We did our own fireworks at their house also.  Fred was in heaven when we went to the Fireworks store.  and my kids had never been in one before.  I thought their heads might explode!

Bernadette, myself and these 3 crazy kids stopped at the local Amish run store.  The kids each got a rock candy(because why shouldn't I feed them pure sugar!?)

Yes that is my husband riding on a shopping cart through the Wal-Mart parking lot!  This is a part of him that will never die!

Love this picture of the 4 midgets!  They loved riding in this!

Daddy photo-bomb!!

Nephew and Aunt working together in the kitchen!

We ate breakfast at this restaurant on the Ohio River one day.  The kids loved it, you could watch the barges come into dock as we ate!

We visited Papa while we were down there.

Such beautiful drives!!

While we were at the Amish store I had the two little boys try on some of the amish hats!  How cute are they!    I was going to buy them for them to play with until I saw they were made in Mexico(nothing against it), but I wanted actual Amish made ones!

We went over to see Gary and  Bernadette's ailing neighbor.  We always try to visit her when we are down.  Her husband just recently passed away, so it is a difficult time for her.  I really think having the kids visit her helps!

My beautiful daughter!!

Oh David..........enough said!

While we were down there, we bought some Blackberry Moonshine!  I have never tried Moonshine before and was nervous.  I do not drink hard liquor!  This was decent(tasted like super strong wine), but man my tongue was a little numb after!

This was a major picture dump!  We had a great relaxing time!  Love and miss you all!

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