Monday, July 20, 2015

Our busy weekend

Our weekend started out not so good!  As I was getting ready to head out to deliver some cookies, Keith decided he wasn't feeling well.  He ended up getting sick once and when he did he yelled out and grabbed his right side!  NOT A GOOD SIGN!  So Fred got him dressed and went right into the ER. 

After I got my delivery and grocery shopping done, I called Fred to see how they were doing (3 hours later) and they were now waiting on the x-ray tech.  So we decided to switch out with parents/kids.  I arrived at the hospital to stay with Keith right as a Tornado warning happened.  So we all got to spend a little over an hour in a small center room in the hospital!  Luckily at that point he was starting to feel better(off and on anyway).

They x-ray tech got there right as the warning was released and we got him checked.  Nothing was immediately showing up.  So they are having us watch him very closely for the next few days.  It could be very early signs of appendicitis.

Sunday he was feeling a bit better so we all went out and did a bunch of yard/garden work!  I was so proud of Keith and David.  They tore the tops off of 3 buckets of beets and 1 bucket of carrots!  Along with picking some beans!  We got quite a hall!!  I spent this morning making pickled beets!  YUMMY!

As a reward for their hard work, the kids got to have a water fight, which Roxie of course joined in!  That dog and water!!  Then we had an amazing supper!!  Steak(from a cow from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law), mashed tatos and yummy salad!  Along with cookie brownies!

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