Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our Garden

There wasn't a summer that I do not remember my Mom having a garden.  She always seemed to have a natural "Green thumb".  I am slowly learning how not to kill my plants ;)  This year I am so proud of my garden!  Well besides the stinkin' blight on my tomatoes!  Anyone that has suggestions on how to get rid of that, I am happy to hear!

We got two buckets full of green beans, 1 of beets and a small bucket of peas.  The peas are not making it to the stove top though!  Every time we get some, the kids pop them open and start eating the peas!  Believe me when I say "I am not saying anything to them about it!!".  I struggled getting Keith and David to eat anything green.  So when they sit and eat raw peas right out of their garden, how could I complain!!!

The beets we make into Pickled Beets.  I never would have thought my kids(or honestly myself) would have eaten pickled beets, however they LOVE them!  The only downfall to these is my house STINKS while I am cooking them!!

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