Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Daddys birthday, the rest of the night

J grilling steaks for Dad!

C and K being silly!

After preparing all day for Dads birthday, which I posted about here, we went outside to play.  Dad even taught J how to grill!  I kind of teared up at the sight of my little man doing such big guy things!  The kids have had these John Deere tractors for over 4 years(and they are still going because of my very mechanical husband) and they ride them almost daily.  Even through the winter!  I kind of wish we would have put odometers on them when we first bought them.  I would love to know how many miles the kids have put on them. 

We spent a lot of the evening outside and then went upstairs to eat supper and watch one of Dads shows.  Dad loved his present(the basket from the earlier post), the kids just couldn't wait to give it to him.  We decorated the inside of the house and hung balloons from the door, unfortunately those are floating somewhere!  They blew off of the door!
Roxie is getting so big!  8 months old already!
C, my little model.
Isn't his face hilarious!!
Dad bought me this as a Mothers Day present. 
The kids love to make s'mores in this!

J and Roxie

I love my husband!
Steak, asapragus, biscut and peaches! Yummy!
Mama and D
Roxie chasing after D.

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