Sunday, May 27, 2012

Getting ready for Daddys birthday

This year I agreed with Dad to allow the kids to do what they wanted for his birthday.  I am a HUGE believer in celebrating birthdays!  I obviously had to give them limits, or else our whole house would be filled with 100 Mylar balloons and 30 different kinds of cake(hm.....maybe I should have let them go :)

Dads Gift Basket the kids put together.
D picked these plates out!  He is so proud.

So we went shopping this morning while Dad was at work and we are now patiently(or not so patiently) awaiting his arrival.  The pictures are of what we have gotten done so far.  There will be more to come later.

Dad picked out Steak and brats for supper.
I have been blessed to be with this man 11 years.  I can't help but want to celebrate him!  God has truly blessed me with him and my lovely kids.  Honestly I don't know if it is the kids or Mama who is more excited to celebrate Dad tonight!  I love you Honey!

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