Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day, What does it mean to me

Memorial Day...It means so many different things to me.  I have been raised in a very military proud family.  Memorial Day is a time for remembering.  Remember those who have fought for our freedom, and lost their lives.  Thank those who have fought for our freedom so we can live the way we do today.
My dad and mom, my father-in-law, multiple uncles, both of my brothers, a sister-in-law.  I have traced both mine and Dads ancestry back.  We both have had relatives that have fought in every war since the Revolutionary.  For this I am EXTREMELY proud!  I had a relative die on the beaches of Normandy on that horrific day.  I have had a dear "Grandpa" and my biological maternal grandfather who were both take Prisoners of war during the Korean War.  To them I am thankful.  I currently have friends who are still overseas frighting...thank you.
And to the handsome young man above, SPC Jakob Roelli, Jake.  It has only been 8 months since we heard the news.  I had never personally known anyone that had been Killed in action.  Even the relatives, I wasn't born yet.  Jake was a dear friend.  One whom I had seen grow up and one who was a friend. We went to church together.  He paid the ultimate price, he was killed in action overseas last September.  I will never forget hearing the news and having to be the one to tell my brothers, who were close friends.  I would rather have him here with us, getting married like he was suppose to.  But I will forever and always be eternally thankful.  There are no word to describe what his sacrifice means.  We love you and miss you Jake!  God bless.

Monday is Memorial Day! This weekend will be filled with parades, picnics, fireworks, barbecues, swimming, shopping, and family get-togethers. No matter where you are – the park, the beach, a mattress sale – take a few moments to remember the brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy freedom.

Let Your Flag Fly:
One of the ways to honor our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day is to fly your flag at half-staff at noon. Here are the official steps:
  1. At dawn, quickly raise your flag to the top of the mast. Leave it there for a few moments (maybe long enough to say the Pledge of Allegiance), and then lower it slowly to half-mast.
  2. At noon, raise the flag once again to the top of the mast.
  3. At dusk, slowly lower the flag, remove, and fold.

Other Ways to Honor the Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day:
  • Lay a wreath or flowers at the grave of a soldier.
  • Attend a local parade or event to honor veterans on Memorial Day.
  • If you have one near you, visit one of our National War Memorials.
  • Wear a Red Poppy (the official flower of Memorial Day).
  • Observe the National Moment of Remembrance by pausing whatever you’re doing at 3pm local time for a moment of silence.
  • Send a card to the troops who are actively serving our country.

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