Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Roxie!

Roxie will be one year old tomorrow!  It does not seem like we have had her that long!  With how much she has grown in this time it seems like she should be a lot older than what she is!  She is going to be a massive dog!

She defiantly gives me headaches, chasing leaves and bugs instead of going out to the bathroom.  And when it is raining or there is a sprinkler or water slide...well lets just say she gets to dry off for a while in her kennel!

In all of the bad, there is far more good!  She is one of the most loving and tolerant dogs we have ever had!  She lets the kids do just about anything to her, she almost expects it!  She has learned a new trick, which the kids love, "Roxie find the kids".  They hide over a hillside or behind a wall, and she will barrel them over, all while they are squealing with delight!  Water slides, like I mentioned above, she loves!!  She actually would go running down it with the kids sliding and end up sliding right with them!  I don't know who had more fun, her or the kids!

Dad and I were really not going to get another house animal.  We were set against it!  J kept begging us to get one, as almost all 8 year olds do!  So out of curiousity we looked!  We were refered to an amazing couple who did an awesome job raising her to 11 weeks old when we got her.  It is a perfect match and love at first site!  We thank you so much for blessing our family with such a perfect and wonderful dog!

We love you, you crazy dog!

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