Monday, September 10, 2012

Where were you?

"Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day?" ~ Alan Jackson

This day that will forever be burned into our memories.  When we were young we had assignments to go home and ask our parents/grandparents "Where were you when JFK was shot?"  Our children are now asking us "Where were you when the first plane hit?"  I never understood how our parents could so vividly remember exactly what they were doing.  That was until Sept. 11, 2001 a day I will truly never forget.

I don't know about you but I still these images and start crying.  After 11 years I still can not fathom this horrific tragedy.

I was 20 years old and attending the local college.  It was early morning and I was in my bedroom getting ready to drive to school.  Listening to my radio like every other morning, while I was doing my makeup.  I heard the announcer say that about some building being hit by a plane.  I yelled at my mom to turn the TV on something bad was happening.  Right as we turned the TV on we saw in real time, the 2nd plane hit the other Tower.  I was dumbfounded, speechless.  All I could do was hold onto the eyeliner pencil I had and sit on the floor.  It didn't seem like this could be real.

I had to tear myself away from the TV and drive to school, I don't know why I insisted on going that day I think I had an exam.  The whole drive(20 minutes) I kept looking at the sky because there were still planes unaccounted for at the time.  Of course by the time I got up to school all classes were canceled.  I ended up turning around and going back home.

There are pictures that we have seen over and over.  They are drilled into our heads.  To the point, I fear, that people have become desensitised to what truly happened.

I have seen both of my brother sign up for different branches of military because of 9-11.  Numerous friends and family have gone to war.  I have went through(unfortunately many others have also) of loosing someone to this war.

I have never been happy to see someone die.  However in this circumstance I was not sad at all. 
Thank you to all of the Police, Firefighters, Military and Paramedics who did their jobs.  The everyday person who happen to be in the right place at the right time.  The Chaplin who died doing what he was honored to do, giving last rights to someone else.  They didn't blink, or run away.  They ran towards the scariest situation anyone could think of.  The ran into burning and collapsing buildings, they ran into a cloud of debris even though they couldn't see a thing.  They saved the lives of many, whom without them would have perished. 

9-11-01 we will never forget.

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