Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Cross My Heart, and Promise too.....

This is the start of a chorus of a very important song for us.  Actually it is the song of our life together, it was our wedding song(in case anyone is wondering, the song is "I cross my heart, by George Strait).

Let's start at the beginning:  We started dating in late July of 2002.  Our very first date lasted over 10 hours!  I would say that is a pretty good start to our life together!  We went through a very heavy period then, I almost lost Dad!  He contacted Viral Meningitis.  He was in the hospital for 2 weeks and was barely conscious.  A very scary time!  We dated for a little over a year and then...

The Proposal:  I worked at a local "Mom and Pop" restaurant.  Very family oriented.  We were crazy busy one Saturday morning so I really wasn't paying attention to anything going on, or my co-workers acting funny.  All of a sudden Dad walks into the restaurant with our dog(Riley).  I thought he was just dropping by until I saw Riley wearing a shirt!  Dad walks around the corner and gets down on one knee and sets Riley next to him.  The shirt he was wearing said " C will you marry F, love Riley"!  Like I said earlier we were BUSY, but everyone stopped and watched to see what my response was.  Of course it was YES!!!  With tears!

The Big Day:  September 6, 2003!  Our colors were periwinkle and white.  It was SO hot outside, we had the air conditioner working on overtime!  I remember my niece(who at the time was about 5) freaked out.  I was only dressed in my crinoline and bustier and she thought that was what I was wearing.  She screamed "I can see your underwear!"  It took us a little bit to convince her this was not my actual dress, but what went under it.  Our photographer was my boss(from the restaurant) and a dear friend to both Dad and I.  It was so much fun to have her there with me all day!  I was kept hidden in a back room so Dad could not see me.  I was told later that our ring bearer actually dropped our rings in the aisle and had people crawling under the pews to find them!  I wish I could have seen that!

The best moment of the whole day:  I walked around the corner with my mother and father on either side of me.  I looked down the aisle to the front of the church and there he stood.  My best friend, the man I was marrying!  He was staring right at me with this amazing look of love in his eyes!  I can still see it in my minds eye!  Truly the day was pretty much a blur.  So many people were there to celebrate with us.  The one part I do remember was that my feet were killing me, I took my shoes off as soon as our formal pictures were taken.  I was in my bare feet the rest of the night!  You can defiantly tell this if you would have saw the bottom  of my skirts, YUCK!  I think we finally got to the Bed and Breakfast that we were staying at around 3am!

I could not be happier to have spent the last 9 years married to my best friend!


  1. I can't believe it's been 9 years! It seems like just yesterday that you were getting married! Congrats on 9 wonderful years! Love you!

  2. I know! I can not believe it either! Thank you so much for being part of my amazing day!


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